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Multi-boutique platform

The key to our multi-boutique platform can be found in the focus and quality of the capabilities shared with our clients. We only invest* in best-in-class, specialized boutiques that broaden our existing skillsets and strengthen the value we generate. Those we select are highly specialized firms, fully focused on specific asset classes or investment approaches in order to maximize long-term performance. Each boutique maintains full investment autonomy, while at the same time leverages the Generali Group’s inherent strengths in terms of scale, reach, capital and focus on client.

Generali Investments’ multi-boutique platform is part of the Generali Asset & Wealth Management Business Unit which gathers the Group’s companies operating in asset management and wealth management in one entity.


* The strategies do not guarantee capital gains and the invested capital may be lost.

Top Management​

Generali Investments Partners

Aperture Investors

Unconstrained investment approach and a unique fee model aligning the Fund Manager incentives with client performance. Fixed income and equity funds.

Based in New York and registered with SEC, Aperture Investors* is a partnership between Generali Group and Mr Peter Kraus, former Chairman and CEO of AllianceBernstein. Aperture operates with an unconstrained investment approach and a unique fee model that aligns the company’s profitability with that of its clients. The company charges low, ETF-like fees when performance is at or below stated benchmarks. When and only when returns** are generated in excess of a strategy’s benchmark, Aperture Investors charges a performance-linked fee, and as such, investment teams are compensated primarily on outperformance.

*The company full legal name is Aperture Investors, LLC. 

*Investments involve risks. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and can be misleading. There can be no assurance that an investment objective will be achieved or that there will be a return on capital. You may not get back the amount initially invested.

Lumyna Investments

One of the oldest, largest and most successful Alternative UCITS providers in Europe.

Based in London, Lumyna Investments* is the management company of the $18.6bn assets under management, multi-award winning Alternative UCITS funds platform –Lumyna Funds**.

The platform was launched in 2007 with the aim of bringing best-of-breed hedge fund managers to the European market via regulated, liquid and transparent UCITS vehicles and is now offering a wide range of sub funds employing a variety of alternative and traditional investment strategies.

The UCITS platform has been consistently voted as best platform (8 times winner of Best UCITS Platform at the HFM European Hedge Fund Services Awards***) and is recognised as a leader in the delivery of Alternative UCITS funds.

* The company full legal name is Lumyna Investments Limited

** Source: Lumyna Investments Limited. Data as of 30 Aug. 2021. ***Every year, the Hedge Funds Review European Performance Awards reward genuine performance, quality and skill within the European hedge fund industry.

Generali Real Estate

Real estate investments and asset management, both equity and debt. Fully integrated real estate player, with the capabilities to cover all the steps of the asset life-cycle.

Generali Real Estate* manages its operations across the different European markets through four operating platforms: Southern Europe, Western Europe, Central and Northern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe.

*The company full legal name is Generali Real Estate S.p.A.

Sycomore Asset Management

Focus: ESG investments and sustainable performance through a range of funds investing in various asset classes.

Sycomore AM*, founded in 2001 and based in Paris, is an entrepreneurial asset management company significantly-owned by its founding partners and employees and specialised in listed company investments. Since its launch, Sycomore’s mission has been to deliver sustainable performance; this is achieved by identifying companies’ long-term levers for value creation. Sycomore AM’s expertise is driven by a field-approach and a proprietary fundamental research methodology including financial and extra-financial criteria. The firm’s 22 fund manager-analysts, including 8 ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) specialists, assess the overall performance of a company in relation to its stakeholders: shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers, civil society and environment.

Since 2015, Sycomore AM has expanded its range of social, societal and environmental impact funds: first with Sycomore Happy@Work, focused on human capital, then Sycomore Eco Solutions, dedicated to natural capital, and most recently, Sycomore Shared Growth, specialised in societal capital.

*The company full legal name is Sycomore Asset Management

Generali Global Infrastructure

Investments with a sustainable mindset 

Generali Global Infrastructure (GGI) focuses on responsible investments with a positive impact, combining financial and extra-financial performance. GGI invest in themes strategic for society, such as energy transition, renewable energy, green mobility, digital transition and social infrastructures. These strategies, coupled with a high selectivity in the investment process, generate sustainable value over the long-term.

Plenisfer Investments

Focus on total return and global multi asset solutions with a distinctive and innovative investment process.

Plenisfer Investments* (“Plenisfer”) is the only investment boutique in Italy, and one of the few in the world, to specialise in benchmark-free portfolios built through a multi-strategy approach aimed at achieving clear and measurable goals. Plenisfer was founded in May 2019 as a joint venture between four founding partners – Giordano Lombardo, Mauro Ratto, Diego Franzin and Robert Richardson – and the Generali Group, a majority shareholder with a 1-billion-euro commitment in the company’s first fund. The four co-founders have been working together for over 20 years and have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of senior experienced investors to build a robust team-based investment process that explicitly focuses on investing by objectives. The Company is headquartered in Milan and has offices in London and Dublin. It is regulated by the Bank of Italy and CONSOB for the activity of asset management companies (SGR).

* The company full legal name is Plenisfer Investments SGR

Top Management

Top Management

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