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Q4 Investments View | The New Age of Financial Repression

Listen to the Podcast by Vincent Chaigneau, Head of Research at Generali Insurance Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio

In this podcast Vincent Chaigneau, Head of Research at Generali Investments, provides an executive summary of the latest Investment View Report released by our Research team. In particular, he focuses on the signs of fatigue showed in September by the stock market rally and the possible clouds mounting on markets by the Autumn due to a resumption of the Covid pandemic, the Brexit deal, the US elections’ related risks and positions’ concentration. Finally he shares his recommendations in terms of asset allocation looking beyond the Covid crisis.

Vincent Chaigneau
Vincent Chaigneau

Head of Research

Vincent Chaigneau ist seit August 2017 der Head of Research und Head of Group Investment Strategy von Generali Investments. In seiner jetzigen Funktion hat er die Leitung über eine Abteilung, die momentan aus 25 Volkswirten, Strategisten und Bond- und Aktienanalysten besteht und in Paris, Köln, Triest und Mailand vertreten ist.

Bevor er zur Generali Investments kam, war Vincent Chaigneau für Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking tätig, für die er 24 Jahre in Paris, New York und London arbeitete. Zuletzt hatte er die Funktion des Co-Head of Fixed Income Research und des Head of Rates & Fixed Income Strategy inne.

Vincent Chaigneau ist französischer Staatsbürger. Er hat ein Master Degree in International Economics and Finance und ein Poprdraduate Degree in Economics and Finance von der University of Bordeaux.

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The rise in new Covid-19 cases and renewed lockdowns across Europe are casting long shadows over the economic recovery and markets. Yet much more targeted restrictions, a strong Chinese rebound and continued massive fiscal and monetary policy support will keep the second wave’s impact far more muted than in spring.
The Global Covid Crisis (GCC) has had a profound impact not just on our lives but also the economy and financial markets. Even after those life-changing developments and sharp market movements, our 5-year total return forecasts have not changed dramatically. We reiterate the view that future returns will fall very short of historical ones, particularly those of the past ten years.
Generali Investments among preferred asset managers brands in Europe
Listen to the dedicated Podcast by Vincent Chaigneau, Head of Research, on our view on the economic recovery, new behaviours in the aftermath of the pandemic and the unique opportunities for a European fiscal and political integration.