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A wealth of diverse strategies, from equities and fixed income to liquid alternatives and private assets.

Real Assets and Private Markets

Since 1831, Generali Group has invested into private markets and real assets for its own insurance portfolios to enhance portfolio diversification and pursue attractive risk-adjusted returns. Today, we offer investors this same access to our leading capabilities.

With over 480 investment professionals, our offering encompasses real estate, infrastructure, private debt and private equity direct and indirect investments.

In a world of persistently low interest rates, higher inflation and rocketing public market valuations, having the right mix of real assets and private markets exposure is crucial for defensive, diversified, and stable portfolios. The relative illiquidity of these asset classes offers a more stable and predictable income than publicly traded assets. They also play a crucial role in generating tangible and positive impact for both the economy and societies. We are committed to helping investors access these opportunities to achieve their investment goals and make a positive impact on the real economy.

Investing involves risk, including possible loss of capital.

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*The company full legal name is Generali Real Estate SGR.

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